My Latest Wardrobe Additions

My Latest Wardrobe Additions

Owning the boutique can be all work and no play sometimes right? It's true, it can be more work than you initially expect. Between selecting quality pieces to bring in, taking the product photos, pricing and tagging the items, creating detailed pages for each, and of course... packing all the orders. But, what is the best part of the whole process? 

My favorite part about owning a boutique is not only selecting gorgeous pieces that I think you guys will love, but choosing pieces that I personally would wear to ensure I am running the boutique as uniquely and genuinely as possible. 

Of course, choosing pieces I would wear sometimes gets my wallet in trouble.. but that's the fun of owning the boutique! Not only do I get to add to my wardrobe, but I get to wear these pieces out and about to showcase them to all my beautiful customers! The best feeling is getting asked "Where did you get your outfit?" and telling them I own my own boutique and where they can find one for themselves! 

So, as you can imagine, I've got a whole closet full of clothes (2 actually), but what pieces have I added from the boutique? Here are my absolute MUST HAVE favorite pieces in order from obsessed to in love!

1. The Tyler Laced Pullover 

This one has actually not hit the site yet but I couldn't even try it on before I swiped my card to buy it. I was instantly obsessed. The dark green lace detail around the elbows and the bottom of the pullover make for the perfect addition to this olive green beauty. Catch this all time favorite Sunday 01/22!

2. The Ruby Plaid Shacket – Tequila Moon Boutique

This beauty is a stunner and does not need much explanation. The pink, yellow, and lilac tones make for the perfect color combination when paired with a neutral colored sweater underneath.

3. The Creighton Pullover – Tequila Moon Boutique

This cozy oatmeal colored pullover is the cutest quarter button sweater that pairs perfectly with leggings or your favorite jeans. The neutral tone allows for pops of color elsewhere in your outfit which I absolutely love!

4. The Iris Bandana Top in White – Tequila Moon Boutique

This adorable all white spotted bandana top is one of the best staple pieces my closet has ever seen! With its ivory white color, it pairs perfectly with any other accessory or layering piece you throw at it! Did I mention how flattering it is on ALL body types. Seriously, I have gotten so many good reviews from customers loving it so much they want one in every color!

5. The Miley Aztec Shacket – Tequila Moon Boutique

This beautifully colored aztec shacket is the perfect pop of color to throw over any basic tank, tee, or sweater. It is breathable and roomy yet extremely lightweight allowing for maximum comfort. My go-to fit with this one is boots, black jeans, my maroon colored basic sweater, and this shacket over top. 

6. The Macy Ribbed Crop Top – Tequila Moon Boutique

The basic tank of the century! This basic sunset orange beauty is the comfiest, multi purpose top I own. Going to workout? Going to the lake? Just going out for the night? This thing can be worn in any and all situations while keeping you extremely comfy and cute without going over the top. 

7. The Tina Boots – Tequila Moon Boutique

Have a favorite pair of boots? Well kick them to the side and make room, the Tina Boots are here. The boots you will never want to take off... I wish I could say I was kidding. These light brown babes are covered in small studded gold accents with a slightly darker brown design throughout and they are extremely comfortable. These are actually the boots I took my engagement pictures in. I had my whole outfit planned out and these were the main attraction. Our engagement pictures were at 5pm and I didn't get these in the mail until 4pm... so to say I got lucky was an understatement but I am so glad I got them in time. 

Long story short, owning the boutique for the last year has not always been easy but curating these outfits and picking unique pieces that I get to keep and share with you guys sure has been fun! I can't wait to see what the next years have in store for me, my closet, and unfortunately my wallet...

Check out The Tina Boots & get a sneak peek of our engagement pictures out at the top of this post :)



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