When did geniune leather tooled bags become all the rave?! 

And the tassels?? OMG!! 

I am not sure, but I am here for it!

Anything with the country, western vibe I am all about and I would say these type of bags are the closest thing you can get to that. 

I just dropped some Myra bags a couple weeks ago and they have been a big hit! Most of the ones I offer have that western flare to them but my absolute favorite one is something I thought EVERYONE could love... The Bonnie & Clyde Clutch

This clutch is the cutest thing on this side of the Ohio! Don't feel like holding it in your hand? No problem! Add the 22" adjustable purse strap and carry it on your shoulder or wear it as a crossbody! It may look small, but believe me, it has plenty of room for all your cards, cash, and coins! 

Not far behind, my next favorite is The Sandy Charm Bag. I am guilty of having to keep one of everything I get in for myself, and this bag was no different. For me, I love anything with color! This bag has just that with a base of white cowhide for that needed texture. 

And of course, I can't forget about the NEW American Darling bags dropping this weekend. Again, I wanted to keep all of them for myself but realized I needed to have a little control...

These Saddle Bags are to die for and so popular in western fashion right now! A unique feature I loved about a few of them is that they are conceal to carry bags which is a huge added bonus! Perfect if you carry and perfect if you don't!

Be on the lookout for some of these bags pictured to drop this weekend along with some others that are not pictured!

I can't wait to see which you choose!

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