Hello and welcome to Tequila Moon Boutique. My name is Maleha and I am the owner of Tequila Moon. 

Ever since I was young I absolutely loved anything clothing and accessories. Even if I didn't need it, as long as it was cute, I bought it. That still holds true today. Shopping was and still is my favorite hobby and having cute clothes is my trademark. Even though I still like to wear my leggings and hoodies majority of the time. 

Eventually, my closet started to become overfilled with clothes I absolutely loved, but either grew out of or just never wore. That is when I found Poshmark and Mercari. This was also during 2020 when COVID had just struck and we were all stuck in the house with nothing to do. So, I took the time to clean out my closet. I began selling some of my gently worn and brand new clothes. With that money I just bought more clothes, so I am not sure the money went where I anticipated but hey, nothing can seperate a girl and her shopping habits. 

During 2020, is also when online shopping became one of the most popular activities to do while stuck at home. I was of course one who contributed in the rise of spending within the online shopping realm. This was also around the time I began to notice all these adorable western boutique's start popping up on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. I loved the clothes they had to offer and thought to myself, how fun would that be to own my own boutique. That is when I began looking into opening my own shop. I was not sure what route I wanted to go with it, online or storefront, western clothing or everyday wear, but I just knew within the next year or two I wanted to get into the retail business. 

Towards the end of 2020, I had purchased my first home and had a lot going on between moving and finding a new job. After starting my new job, which I love, my hours (9am-8pm Mon-Thurs) made it hard to do just everyday things, and get errands done, let alone start my own boutique compared to my last 8am-5pm job. After getting use to my new hours, and finding time to get what I needed done, I wanted to find something else to occupy my free time. That is when I revisted the thought of opening my own boutique. I did my research, jumped through all the neccessary hoops of owning an online business, found my style and inventory, and Tequila Moon was launched. 

I am so happy I was finally able to find something on the side that allows me to integrate my favorite hobby and passion into. I hope you guys enjoy the clothes I offer as much as I do. Let me tell you, it is not always easy for me to sell the things I find for the site, I want to keep one of everything!!

Thank you guys for supporting my small business and allowing me to fullfill my passion. I could not do it without you.

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